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Why should trust me with your goals?

B.S. in Sports Medicine

D1/D2 NCAA Soccer Player

3x 140.6/ Ironman Finisher

10x 26.2 Finisher, including a BQ 

Nationally ranked, self-coached 63kg lifter with a 1003lb total and 503 wilks

63kg American Record Squat Holder @ 180kg/396.8lb

Strength & Fitness Coach for 11 years, Online Strength & Fitness Coach for 2 years

  • Have coached high school, college, and olympic caliber athletes in preparation for and throughout their seasons 
  • Have coached powerlifters to successful first meets, as well as, meet PRs
  • Have coached runners through training cycles that led to PR races of all distances: 5k- marathon
  • Have coached kids as young as 9 and adults as old as 70 to live their strongest life
  • Have coached adults on healthy weight loss, muscle gain, and nutrition strategies that have resulted in large weight loss, ranging 30-80lbs leading to life changing results, as well as significant body composition changes.

Thats all cool, but the REAL reason you should trust me with your goals?

I want you to live your best life.

I want to be your biggest champion.

You are in charge, these are your goals. I am here to steer the ship in the right direction.

I am here to here to use my knowledge in exercise science and my experience in the gym, in races, as well as, on the platform, to develop the most efficient plan for you.

When that plan needs redirecting, when you need encouragement, when you need feedback, I am here to COACH you through so that you succeed.

This is my passion. I want to prove to you how much you are capable of and celebrate with you as your CRUSH your goals.

This is ABOUT YOU!



Changing Lives,



One Muscle, 

At a Time


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