Included in Get Strong:

A custom 6 week lifting program

SWEAT EXTRAs which are short HIIT and metabolic conditioning workouts

Guidelines to follow throughout the 6 weeks to help you succeed

A workout calendar

Templates to track each lift so you can see your progress

A "Bro-dictionary" or commonly used gym lingo

Unwritten gym rules to make you feel more confident in the gym

Nutrition Tips

Access to a SECRET Facebook group of fellow Foster Fitness Online members in which you may ask questions pertaining to your FitE-Book plan!

Why trust should you buy our first FitE- Book, Get Strong?

Get Strong is the same general strength program I used to build my strength base that helped increase my squat from 200lbs to 400lbs, bench from 135lb to 230lb, and my deadlift from 280lb to 380lb!

Get Strong will progressively challenge you and overload your muscles to help you make GAINS! 

This is the same type of program I have given my clients to build their strength foundation that has led to PR after PR for the last 6 years.

Get Strong will create a strong foundation to BUILD ON!

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