How to Get Strong

Accept your strengths, and embrace them.

Realize your weaknesses, and get to know them.

Find what you are good at, there will be something. Maybe you have always seen your legs as big, now that you lift, your realized how strong they are and that you kick ass at squatting. EMBRACE THIS. Those legs are not big, those legs are strong, those legs are capable and now make squatting fun! Foster this strength and allow it to continually grow.


However, realize what you are not good at, and get to know it well. What do I mean? I mean attack these weaknesses, do not ignore them. You will only be as strong as your weakest muscle(s) allow. Are shoulder presses hard? Do not ignore them, work on it! Schedule extra shoulder work, experiment to find what will work to build strength for you! Most likely this work will be tedious but if done consistently will get you over your plateaus.


Be Humble.

In order to grow your squat, bench, and deadlift numbers you need to back off the weight. You need to work form and reps to gain confidence and muscle. You must spend time doing 60-70% of your 1RM for 10-15 reps and not just hammer away with 90%+ because it makes you look cool and feeds your ego.


Work Hard.

This is simple, but the hardest part of all. You need to work hard, day in and day out. Sometimes working hard is grinding out reps in the gym, other times it is being sure your nutrition and recovery is on point. It is easy to work hard some of the time, when you are well rested, had a great day at work, and feel on top of the world. Many times this is not the case, and this is the true test of character and many times the difference between being okay, being good, being great, and being extraordinary.


Be Patient.

Nothing will happen over night. Be patient. Be in it for the long haul. Stay healthy. The gains will happen as long as you follow Rule 1-3, rinse wash, and repeat while being patient. Trust me, it will be worth it :)



Celebrate your victories, the small and big! You worked your butt off for it, relish in the moment.