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Top 3 Supplements: Guest Post by Coalition Nutrition Owner James Klemick

James is the owner of Coalition Nutrition  and he has been helping me with my supplement selection to aid in my performance. I asked him what the top 3 supplements(outside of protein) he would suggest to those looking to get everything they can from their performance. I have personally used all three of these during my last training cycle and highly recommend them! if you are looking for specific suggestions be sure to reach out to check out their website and reach out to them!

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How to Get Strong 2

So you read How to Get Strong Part 1 and understand the rules, but what is the first thing you should do once you get in the gym?

First and foremost, work on form.

Have you ever lifted before? Do you know you have correct form? Do you think your form is perfect?

I hope you answered no to at least one of those questions, because there is always more work to do when it comes to form for big lifts. There is a continuum of things to work on as you advance and even when you are an advanced lifter you still need to drill technique?

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How to Get Strong

Accept your strengths, and embrace them.

Realize your weaknesses, and get to know them.

Find what you are good at, there will be something. Maybe you have always seen your legs as big, now that you lift, your realized how strong they are and that you kick ass at squatting. EMBRACE THIS. Those legs are not big, those legs are strong, those legs are capable and now make squatting fun! Foster this strength and allow it to continually grow.

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Weight Loss: The Truth

Many people say, “I need to lose x pounds.” I generally say okay, and then ask why?

The thing is, whether you NEED to lose x pounds or not,  is not the most important factor to your success in losing weight. Sometimes you may NEED to lose  X pounds, sometimes it is because they THINK they need to be a certain weight, and sometimes I honestly think they say it out of habit.

What my challenge to you, before you say, “ I need to lose X pounds,” is to think, WHY?

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