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Most common questions... For the Newbies and the Curious!

For the Newbies, and the Curious!

For those who get the courage to go to the gym, but still get butterflies when they walk in for their workout. To those who sometimes become confused with “bro talk” or “gym lingo.” To anyone who just needs a refresher for confidence. These are questions I COMMONLY hear from clients and from people in the gym.

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Weight Loss: The Truth

Many people say, “I need to lose x pounds.” I generally say okay, and then ask why?

The thing is, whether you NEED to lose x pounds or not,  is not the most important factor to your success in losing weight. Sometimes you may NEED to lose  X pounds, sometimes it is because they THINK they need to be a certain weight, and sometimes I honestly think they say it out of habit.

What my challenge to you, before you say, “ I need to lose X pounds,” is to think, WHY?

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