Everybody Deadlifts

Everyone Deadlifts.

Strongman do big deadlifts.

Babies do tiny deadlifts.

Different people do different kinds of deadlifts.

Different stances. Different weights. Even different objects.

Some workout to deadlift.

Others do it in their daily lives.

Some deadlift here and there.

Others deadlift on a special platform.

Some people deadlift and pay no attention.

Others  belt, chalk, and brace themselves.

Have you picked something up off the floor?


Everyone deadlifts.
I think that outside of the ability to squat and stand to a chair, deadlifting will help you stay safe, independent, and healthy throughout your life. People get nervous when you say DEADLIFT because they picture heavy weights, and aching backs. But just as there are progressions and modifications for every other exercise, deadlifts are the same.
Take a second, think about your daily life, do you pick up anything heavy from the floor? Have you ever moved furniture? Have you ever picked up a toddler? A bag of dirt for gardening? A bag of heavy leaves? A dog to cuddle?
But seriously. If you work on strengthening the motion that allows you to pick up things off the floor(commonly known as the deadlift in lifting), don't you think you will be able to go about these daily activities much more swiftly, confidently, and safely?

Why deadlift?
Deadlifts are going to give you a HUGE bang for your buck. A compound exercise that is going to increase strength, muscle mass, and power. You are going to improve the strength of your core muscles, learn how to brace, and improve your posture. One exercise that will strengthen your traps, lats, hamstrings, glutes, abdominal muscles, erectors,  rhomboids, quads... (shall I go on??).
Remember how everybody deadlifts?  Deadlifting in the gym will allow you to strengthen the motion and position when you are fully focused and paying attention.  By creating a stronger foundation, you will be much less likely to “throw out your back” in everyday life when you are not paying attention and making sure you are in the perfect position. You will  be much stronger when you reach down to pick up that bag of dirt the next time you are planting flowers. An added benefit, due to the high demand deadlifts place on your body, and the amount of muscles you need to recruit, deadlifts will increase your metabolism.

Deadlift Options.
Now that you have thought about it, you agree, it would be smart to deadlift. Great news, it doesn’t have to be scary or unsafe. You do not need to load plates onto a bar to receive benefits that will help you improve your strength and health. Depending on your ability and your past back health history start where you are comfortable. Check out the progression below! If you have never, EVER, done a deadlift start at square one. Do not rush the progression, take your time. If you are a deadlift PRO already stay tuned for variations on the deadlift to help increase your lift coming to a blog soon!


1.Band Deadlift

2.KB Deadlift off block

3.KB Deadlift  from floor

4.Hex bar off block

5.Hex bar from floor

6.Barbell off blocks

7.Barbell off floor


Meghan Scanlon