Everybody Deadlifts 2

So you already deadlift? You want to increase your pull?

Here are 3 deadlift variations to try to bust through your plateaus.

Paused Deadlifts.

Paused deadlifts will help you learn tightness off the floor and hold it.  It will help you increase your time under tension and learn how to keep those lats tight during your pull! Personally, I had done deadlifts to the knee regularly before but started using paused deadlifts when I attended the RTS seminar this fall. It has made my starting position and initial pull off the floor much more consistent!


How to: These are HARD! Set up in your regular deadlift position pull to mid shin PAUSE 2-3 seconds then finish your pull. When you first try these back off the weight!


Banded Deadlifts.

Banded deadlifts will help you be aggressive throughout the pull. Banded deadlifts are an accommodating resistance exercise. As you pull, the resistance from the band will kick in, and the tension will increase as you get closer to the end of your pull. This will help increase your lockout power and speed throughout your pull without putting more stress on your lower back.


How to: there are MANY ways. There may be a platform at your gym that is set up for banded deadlifts. If this is the case, it is easy, you just need two bands of the same resistance. If you do not have a platform with hooks(which is likely the case for many) you have a few options. You can use HEAVY dumbbells to hold the band down. Remember the dumbbell must be heavy enough to resist the upwards pull on it. You can also drape the band over the band and under your feet. I have included this version in the video as it can be the trickiest, especially if you are a sumo deadlifter.


Total Reset Deadlifts.

When you are training, do you notice your second deadlift is smoother than your first during a set? Generally after the eccentric motion it is a bit easier to find your optimal “start” position. However, in a meet you have one pull. One chance. When you are in a meet prep and get closer to competition total reset deadlifts are a great option to work on the technical aspects of your pull and the consistency of your start position every time.

How to: Let us pretend you have a set of 3. Set up as you normally would for a deadlift. Perform your first deadlift, once the barbell comes back down to the floor, step away from it. Step right back up to it and reset for your second pull. Do the same thing for your third.



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