Top 3 Supplements: Guest Post by Coalition Nutrition Owner James Klemick

James is the owner of Coalition Nutrition  and he has been helping me with my supplement selection to aid in my performance. I asked him what the top 3 supplements(outside of protein) he would suggest to those looking to get everything they can from their performance. I have personally used all three of these during my last training cycle and highly recommend them! if you are looking for specific suggestions be sure to reach out to check out their website and reach out to them!

Top 3 Supplements

Although we suggest supplements off of an individuals diet and daily routine, these supplements tend to be universal in aiding recovery & strength gains for natural athletes. They help with enhanced athletes as well, but are not as important when using exogenous hormones. 

1. HBCD - Highly branched cyclic dextrin is a man-made carbohydrate that doesn't spike insulin when consumed. It also has a quick gastric dumping time which allows it into the intestines quicker. Although we like to manipulate insulin by using carb powders at times, this is going to get into your system faster to fuel muscles and speed up recovery. Products that have this are Nutra Bio Super Carb and Project AD Raging Full. 

2. Creatine - As simple and inexpensive as this is ingredient is, it is still one of the best that money can buy. If you feel like creatine is making you bloat, you're often mistaken. Creatine pushes water into the muscles. Water/Hydration allows for the transport of nutrients and increased increased energy (ATP). Although some creatine can be found in food, it's typically not consumed enough to meet the full dose of 5-10g (depending on bodyweight). Various forms of creatine products are out there, but monohydrate tends to work for most people and is the least expensive. 

3. ZMA - Perhaps just as simple as creatine, zinc and magnesium help with sleep. The most looked over hormone in the body is cortisol. High cortisol (stress hormone) can ruin your progress, destroy your testosterone and estrogen balance and wreak havoc on your skin. The easiest way to manage cortisol is increase the quality of sleep (REM) you're getting each day. ZMA can help with that and you can even track it with your phone or fit bit.