This coaching program is specifically for those interested in competing in a powerlifting meet.

Each program is thoughtfully built for the lifter dependent upon their skill level, past experience, and goals. You can be brand new to the sport, or a seasoned veteran. 

I pride myself on helping lifters improve their technique so they can perform each lift as efficiently as possible. Through video analysis and constant communication we will work over time to improve your technique of each lift. 

This program includes programming that is individualized to your needs, video review to help you improve your squatting/benching/ deadlifting technique, coaching to adjust your program when needed and also to keep you on track, ready to set a PR at your next meet!

Join the YOUCANLIFT team!

$175/monthly **3 month minimum**



Are you a runner? Do you follow a strength program? 

What are you waiting for!

This program has been created specifically for runners to improve their strength and power in their offseason, maintain their strength and help them avoid overuse injuries during their racing season. 

This program includes strength, plyometrics, and agility. Prepare to leave your old race PRs in the dust!

The Custom Race Prep includes strength work for in season runners and a running plan to get you ready for your next race!

General $75/monthly 

Custom Race Prep (Running & Strength Plan Provided specifically for you) $175/monthly

** 3 month minimum**



FIT is for those gym warriors who need more direction.

Perhaps you have been doing the same routine for years, or maybe your are tired of not seeing progress.

FIT includes three of my custom signature workouts: Lift, Run, and Lean. Depending on your experience and goals we will decide what combination of these workouts will be best for you!

FIT clients have access to our app that allows you to track each workout, watch videos of each exercise, and keep notes of how you felt during each session all in one place! As a FIT client you will get access to my secret Facebook group where you can ask questions at any time and you will also have a weekly check in with me to make sure you stay on track.


3 months $200 10% savings



Are you working your butt off in the gym but not seeing results? Feel like your recovery is slow?

Do you want to lose body fat? Gain muscle?

Do you feel as though you bonk in workouts?

Nutrition is a coaching program in which we give you guidance to reach your goals. We will teach you which tools to use and how to apply them. We will help you become aware of patterns you have with food and how to attack the lowest hanging fruit(pun intended). 

Nutrition is for healthy individuals who want guidance in which foods they should be eating, how much they should be eating, and when they should eat it!